Traditional Feng Shui consultations.

Chinese astrology and Feng Shui are like two sides of one coin; they stem from the same basic principles and work perfectly together. Chinese astrology compares favorably with western astrology; it shows everything precisely. Using Feng Shui, we can transform whatever difficulties you may have in your life and environment. Feng Shui tunes your environment to bring out the best possibilities for your success.

Feng Shui is an art of energetic alignment based on classical principles. Neither a style nor a design form, Feng Shui works with all styles, and its principles apply to design on all levels and in every detail. Feng Shui serves to lift the spirit and enhance the quality of your life, health, career, finances, and relationships. Feng Shui applies to all spaces, including homes, work places, commercial spaces, restaurants, gardens, landscapes, and so on.

Traditional Feng Shui employs systems of Chinese astrology and corresponding compass methods. A Feng Shui consultation normally includes readings of the Chinese astrological charts of the occupants of the space, as the space has to be adjusted to harmonize with the energy of the occupants. When a space has no particular occupant, such as a public space, or when the birth data of the occupant is not known, compass methods are used without astrology. Some traditional Feng Shui practitioners prefer to adjust the space to the elements as seen in the person’s face.

Feng Shui recommendations typically include appointments and arrangements of rooms, the placement and orientation of furniture and works of art, and the use of colors. Feng Shui is also used for siting and timing for new construction, as well as for staging, and determining the best times for selling, buying, and moving.

A Feng Shui job can involve space clearing, neutralizing noxious underground energies, and sometimes freeing a space of ghosts.

In addition to landscapes, Feng Shui can also be used for arranging window dressings for stores and restaurants. The way your shop looks from the street, in relation to everything it around and across the way, influences your business.

Timing the sale of your apartment or house

Correct astrological timing for putting your house on the market will bring you the fastest deal at the highest possible price. I have done this for clients, and they have had success. I have also done this for myself. In 2010 I put my house on the market at an astrologically determined time, and it sold in one day for more than I asked. Another time, in 2012, I put my house on the market at an astrologically determined time, and within 5 days sold the house to the highest and best bidder – even in this market. Every time I have used electional astrology it has worked. I offer it as part of my feng shui service.


Chinese astrological readings. 

Chinese astrology compares favorably with Western astrology. It shows the circumstances of your life in terms of large cycles, smaller cycles, specific years, months, and even days. It tells all, makes reliable predictions, is useful for planning and decision making, and can answer specific questions very precisely. I offer Chinese astrological readings independently of Feng Shui consultations, and as part of Feng Shui consultations.

In addition to Chinese astrological readings, I offer western astrological readings. You may find all of this helpful. To find out more about what services I offer visit


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